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Minggu, 03 April 2011

Verb + -ing


I enjoy swimming (not 'I enjoy to swim')

Would you mind closing the window? (not 'would you mind to close the window?')


After these verbs, you have to add –ing behind it:

StopEverybody stopped talking. There was silence
DelayThe plane delayed flying because hard rain
FancyI fancy going to the café this night
ConsiderI consider reading book now.
MissI miss ringing her.
FinishI've finished cleaning the flat
ImagineI imagine driving ferrari
AvoidHe tried to avoid answering my question


Note the negative form not –ing:

When I'm holiday, I enjoy not having to get up early.


We also use –ing after:

Give up = (stop)Mimien has given up smoking
Put off = (postpone)
Carry on / go on = (continue)We can't go on living like this
Keep / keep on = (do something continuously or repeatedly)Don't keep interrupting me while I'm speaking


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