Minggu, 03 April 2011

Used to (do)

Mimien stopped smoking two years ago. He doesn't smoke anymore. But he used to smoke. He used to smoke for about 20 cigarettes a day.

"He used to smoke" means he smoked regularly for some time in the past, but he doesn't smoke anymore right now. He was a smoker, but now, He quit.

I used to do something on the past. There is no present form. You can not say 'I use to do'. To talk about the present, use present simple (I do).



he used to smoke

we used to live

There used to be


he smokes

we live

there is


We used to live in a small village but now we live in Jakarta.

There used to be four cinemas in the town. Now there is only one.

The normal question form is did (you) used to…?

Did you used to eat some fruits and vegetables when you were child?

The negative form is didn't use to… or used not no

I didn't use to like her. OR I used not to like her.

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