Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011

English is easy to learn

I considered that English is international language that have to mastered. Some people said that English is easy to learn but many people hate English. Maybe because English contain many tenses. But god give us brain to think. Have you used your brain to think???

Everybody has the same potential to get their want or reach their dreams. You can choice one of the ways to go through. Remember, "your brain has unlimited space."

First thing to do
All of you have 24 hours per day with no exceptions. Write a list of your activity in each day. I guess you will have free time everyday, so use your free time to learn or read some article. You'll get some benefit of your activity in free time.

Mark all of vocabularies that you have read. Find those means in dictionary and use it in daily conversation. You can practice it with your close friends or with your own self. Practice will make you familiar with those words.

Keep practicing
While you in car or motorcycle, you better practice your English speaking. You can say everything you see in English in a sentence.

Write an English diary, Journal or whatever in English. It will train your English writing skill.


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