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enrich vocabularies through reading and idioms

taken from: http://www.shvoong.com/how-to/careers/2133345-enrich-vocabularies-reading/

I will show you the magic way to enrich your vocabularies. Reading an article is the best way. I will give you parts of article that is taken from newspaper, magazine and idioms. What you have to do?? note new vocabularies in 8cm X 6cm cards with its parts of speech (e.g. noun, adjective, verb) and try to find the meaning in dictionary. Try to spell it, memorize it and use it in your own sentences.

How to master vocabularies?

Cards Method

write all of new vocabularies that you don't know its mean. Write it on 8cm X 6xm cards. Do not forget to write its parts of speech beside the words that you have written. 
Next, write the meaning of new vocabularies that you have written behind (back side) the cards. So that, you can see it if you forget its meaning. 
For example, you have 20 cards. Each card has 5 vocabularies
First step, Take all of the cards one by one. Memorize vocabularies you have written loudly.
Second step, take 5 cards randomly, and then spell the vocabularies then spell the meaning also. Don't see the meaning that you have written behind the cards. Remember, the vocabularies only. 
Third, If you get success in second step, take another 5 cards randomly, do the same just like in second step. 
Fourth, Tomorrow morning, try to remember what you have read. Spell the vocabularies again and its meaning.

Tips for today...
Read articles as possible as you can. 
Read challenging articles
Read article critiquely

READ THE SOURCE HERE: http://www.shvoong.com/how-to/careers/2133345-enrich-vocabularies-reading/

taken from: http://www.shvoong.com/how-to/careers/2133345-enrich-vocabularies-reading/

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