Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011


People who don not know how to get where they want to go, ask for directions. They ask the hotel information clerk, stop people in the street vendors or policeman on duty. How they ask about the directions? and how do you respond it?

  • Could you tell me the way to (name of place)?
  • Can you direct me to (name of place)?
  • Please tell me how I can get to (name of place)?
  • Which way is it to (name of place)?
  • I need directions to get to (name of place)
  • I'd like to go to (name of place)
  • Is this the way to (name of place)
concrete example: Could you tell me the way to Pantai Losari?
name of place in brackets is changed with pantai losari. You can change it based on your direction (fort rotterdam, Anjungan, Airport, etc)

  • Go down this road until you get to...
  • Keep going this road...
  • Turn Lerft/turn right...
  • Take the first left turn/take the first right turn.
  • Follow the road as far as the junction.
  • It's the second "U" turn
  • It's next to the bank.

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